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Top Shorts Film Festival   Exploration of the Space

"A fascinating short film. Very well crafted, Eureka lives in a limbo between poetry and a nightmare

The director makes you feel desolated and confused, and creates some images that seem as if they were directed by David Lynch.

Eureka is a path to live feelings that only cinema can make you feel.

     - David Casademunt, Top Shorts Film Festival 2016

"By finding absurdity in the lens of reality accompanied by rock and roll music, Eureka carries out a powerful influence.

     - China Daily

"In less than 10 pages, we see humanity under attack, degraded, stripped to its barest bones and yet that’s somehow ultimately where we find its strength. That is the magic of An Immigrant’s Ocean. It helps us to know and believe in ourselves a little more. "

     - Andrew Milward (Author of Zoetrope, The Southern Review, Columbia, Conjunctions, and Best New American Voices)

"Kio is a young writer of surprising depth. She has a unique ability to look unflinchingly at her own life and the world we live in. Poetic, tough, surprising, at times funny, Kio is on a relentless search for theatricality and truth in her work.

     - finkle (Playwright of Indoor/Outdoor, Alive and Well)